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Bringing Technology and Research Together Uniquely to Deliver Amazing Results...

We're building Concordia Financial Exchange published products to work for you in new ways... our Publishing Engine requires no charting or research. It's all been done for you already. Just choose the data categories you like from our Publishing Engine. Our educational solutions work quickly for you across all platform types, including desktop, web, and mobile.

Our products and publishing platform have been engineered to grow with you for many years to come, no matter what direction the world turns, we'll always be there to support you.

Sample Data From CFE Published Product:

Our products are continually updated to always keep you connected to the latest and best information. Within Concordia Financial Exchange products you'll find simplest, most powerful ways to analyze the market. Pinpoint the market timing. And experience unprecedented transparency.

Using publishing data to greatly simplify timing decisions...

With Concordia Financial Exchange products, there’s ever-increasing clarity and simplicity. Our Publishing engine provides exact indications, for guiding decisions and profit targets. With over 15,000 stocks, ETF’s, futures contracts and Forex pairs in our engine, profitable data is just a few mouse clicks away.

Drama-less trading... with data-driven timing.

Concordia Financial Exchange products start with time-frames. Whether you trade stocks, ETF’s, futures contracts, Forex pairs, or all securities, you'll be able time entries and exits with the precision of our AI engine. Drama-less data is finally yours.


Published data on over 12,500 stocks, 36 index categories, sector & industry trend rankings, and both end-of-day & intraday signals.


Over 1,280 ETF’s, 43 categories from all sectors and geographic regions, and both end-of-day & intraday signals.


36 futures contracts from across 8 categories, including indices, metals, energies, currencies, financials, meats and softs.


28 Forex pairs, including the USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, AUD, CAD and CHF. We offer all the major pairs and crosses.

Simpler and easier data access...

Your trades begin with Concordia Financial Exchange's signals or published tools.
Simply select from a time-frame, choose a profit-taking method, index or category, trend strength and buy or sell signals – and Concordia Financial Exchange will provide all results that match your criteria. Additional options include filtering for price and volume range.

Real-time results.

We give you everything you need to receive profitable data. For each symbol data point, you get an entry price, exact profit targets, and a trailing stop. We also include a trend ranking for every symbol, last price, days held and current profit/loss for every single.

Full transparency. We show real-time published market data.

Other systems claim great performance. But we show you. For every product we publish, we give you an up-to-date composite performance. For every scan we publish, we display the overall historical data.

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